What is recruitment?

November 13, 2014

A recruiter essentially helps grow and maintain any business by managing the whole of the recruitment process. In different organisations recruiters do different things however a basic recruiter role would be to help fill any internal vacancies within the organisations.

Would a career as a recruiter suit me?
Do you enjoy building relationships? Are you tenacious? If so a career as a recruiter may be for you.

What is the typical career path for Recruiters?
Recruitment Administrator
Recruitment Advisor
Recruitment Manager
Recruitment Director
Recruitment Administrator
Salary range: £22,000 – £30,000

Responsibilities could include:
• Coordinating interviews
• Sifting CVs
• Showing candidates to rooms
• Relationship management with agencies

Recruitment Advisor
Salary Range : £30,000 – £45,000

Responsibilities will include:
• Managing the recruitment coordinator
• Creating relationships with agencies
• Deciding which agencies were preferred suppliers
• Holding briefings with agencies
• Taking briefs from the client
• Directly sourcing candidates

Recruitment Manager/BP
Salary range: £45,000 – £65,000

Responsibilities will include:
• Forecasting recruitment needs
• Managing the whole of the recruitment team
• Involvement in operational and strategic recruitment
• Partnering with the business to identify any problems and issues, and design strategies to combat these.

Recruitment Director
Salary range: £70000 +

Responsibilities will include:
Dependant on the size of the organisation this individuals role may include some operational duties such as senior level recruitment. By and large this role will be heavily strategy orientated. They will have total ownership of the organisation’s HR strategy and will direct things at the highest level.