Our Graduate website is now live

October 30, 2014

We are delighted to announce the opening of Oakleaf Partnerhsip’s new HR Graduate website.

We hope it can guide and assist graduates with their job search so they can go straight from University into their first HR role as smoothly as possible.
We were getting a high volume of phone calls from HR Graduates who were nearing their University end date, and nwho didn’t know which way to turn to get their first role. As a result we decided it would be beneficial to develop a specific website for HR graduates which would provide invaluable advice for them at the  beginning of their career search.


How we did this

We spoke with numerous clients to understand what they would look for in a HR Graduate and what their standard interview process would be. This enabled us to be able to provide an insight in to what organisations requirements would be and what makes a HR graduate really stand out.
We also spoke with a number of HR graduates, to find out what their struggles were and what advice they would find helpful.

Our Vision

We wanted to provide a website that was honest, passionate and informative, to create a path for success.
Most importantly we have recognised that recruitment is not just a quick win but all about endurance. Oakleaf value the enjoyment of creating long-term relationships and what better way than to begin this at the start of the graduate’s career.