Henry’s interview no no’s

December 4, 2014

Top 5 Job interview no-nos:

When going to a job interview there is a lot to think about and a lot to remember but don’t let yourself fall into the trap of committing one of these 5 interview sins.

1. Showing off
There is a fine line between being confident and charismatic and just showing off, if you find yourself bragging about how much you’ve done and how much your manager/ colleagues loves you…. you’ve crossed it!

2. Failing to do your homework
Background research is key and everyone has access to the internet so there is no excuse for not knowing at least a little about who the business are, what they do and the market the operate in.

3. Making up answers
No matter how much you prep there will always be a question that you haven’t thought of the model answer for. The worst thing you can do is make one up on the spot to save face as the chances are via references or the internet the truth can be found. Either ask for a moment to think of a relevant answer/ example or be honest and tell them that you can’t answer but will look it up and get back to them.

4. Forgetting your manners
Everyone knows that first impressions count, this is absolute basics but if you forget them the interviewer won’t! Smile, confident hand-shake and when they ask how you are, return the question.

5. Asking no questions
You can’t possibly know everything about the business/ job you are interviewing for so you’ll either look like you think you do or you’re just not that interested. Either way, big no no!