Cheeky tips: 10 weird ways to beat interview nerves

July 30, 2015

“If you can tell a story or a joke around the kitchen table then you can do it in a job interview. However, often the nerves and pressure of an interview situation can make us act differently. Our body seems to behave in weird ways and the sound coming out of our mouth doesn’t seem to be our usual one. If we don’t feel and sound like our normal selves then we will want the whole uncomfortable experience to end. To stop nerves getting the better of you, here are some tips and exercises to help you nail those interviews:”



Don’t speak too fast
Nerves tend to make us speed up, so while you’re waiting for your interview, breathe in through your nose very slowly for a count of three. Then breathe out through your nose for a count of three. Repeat this three times. That should take you a total of 18 seconds. In that time you will have significantly lowered your heart rate and when you speak, you’ll find you won’t rush.

Stop yourself shaking
Simply squeeze your buttocks or your thigh muscles. It’s almost physically impossible to have shaky hands if your buttocks or your thigh muscles are clenched. This technique will help you feel and appear more confident – and most clothes will completely mask your actions.

Stop your voice shaking
Open your throat by sticking your tongue out as far as it will go, and try to say the whole of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme out loud. This will open the back of the throat and you’ll sound more confident and have more authority. Of course, you should do this before the interview – not in front of the panel.

Stand up while you wait
You will often be shown into a boardroom before an interview and offered a seat while you wait. Don’t take it. You don’t want their first impression of you to be struggling up out of a chair, so stay standing. You’ll look more confident if you are on their level as you first meet them.

Find your best sitting position
Firstly, never trust the back of a chair. You can easily end up leaning too far back which can tighten your throat. I recommend leaning slightly forward on your chair. You’ll look and feel more dynamic if you sit in this position.

Show your hands
It has been proved that we are much more likely to get a job if we have our hands visible on the table in front of us rather than hiding our under the table. Showing our hands is a sign of honesty.

Make the other person feel special
Many people try too hard in a job interview and end up merely bigging themselves up. We have all been bored by other people going on about themselves without being the slightest bit interested in us. Remember to ask questions – and be genuinely interested in the reply. Obviously it’s important to look keen and passionate about the job on offer but try not to simply blow your own trumpet too much.

When we’re crippled with fear and in full flight or fight mode, we find it hard to listen and often answer the wrong question. So try to slow down your body’s natural responses and listen – it will also help to make the other person feel special and show you value their question.

Use your own voice
Try to use your own voice rather than putting on a formal public speaking voice. Often this is as simple as not speaking too loudly. Speak as if you were talking with a group of friends.

Be yourself
If we are being ourselves when meeting other people, we will come across as relaxed, authentic and confident. Try to use words you usually use.

So, enjoy the interview and be proud of your achievements – you’re already on the shortlist so they must think pretty highly of you already. Remember to slow down, listen and be yourself. If you do that, you’ll come across as relaxed, authentic and confident. Job done.



An HR Manager – Distribution is required by our client, Warburtons; a leading consumer brand in the United Kingdom. The successful person will be joining an award winning business, including, HR team of the Year and Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to Work For in 2016.

The HR Manager – Distribution will be responsible for managing and delivering comprehensive HR support for a Distribution Team of circa 500 employees across three sites in the South East region

The HR Manager will report into the HR Business Partner and work in partnership with the Distribution management teams.

Warburtons’ employees “love being part of a family”, and this is a business that lives true to its values of Quality, Ambition, Responsibility, Care and Family. The values have guided decisions throughout their history and have evolved and grown as the company has developed. If you want to be part of an ambitious leading food business that offers great opportunity, then read on.


Main duties and responsibilities


  • To provide pro-active support to business leadership teams on HR issues such as engagement, recruitment, talent, performance, organisation development/change, culture, leadership and learning and development
  • Developing and delivering the People Plan for Distribution with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement
  • Support managers appropriately in handling people issues to ensure issues are dealt with effectively and in line with employment legislation
  • Full ER consultancy covering – performance management, disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence management working within a unionised environment
  • Manage and develop the HR Distribution team, supporting them  to achieve KPI’s and set goals
  • Input into the company HR Priorities and support the implementation of these and other major change as required within business areas
  • Deliver defined projects or take leadership for coordination of key processes
  • Support the development of the capability of line managers so they are able to effectively deal with people management issues
  • Develop key relationships across multiple sites, ensuring that the wider company’s HR policies are implemented effectively




The successful candidate will have a strong track record operating as a true HR generalist and leading HR teams, with a breadth of experience across  talent management , succession planning, employee relations, L&D and engagement.


You will need to demonstrate previous experience working in a fast paced, dynamic environment with large staffing levels that are ideally, multi-site. It is also essential that you have excellent relationship building skills and are able to influence and coach others as well as being able to demonstrate working in an environment of change and growth. This role will require individuals to be responsible for three sites in Enfield, Basingstoke and Kent.


Full job descriptions and further information are available from Jessica Rose.