Airbnb’s Chief HR Officer becomes Chief Employee Experience Officer

July 24, 2015

Airbnb has revised the position of Chief HR Officer, and made it Chief Employee Experience Officer.

Mark Levy has been with Airbnb since December 2013.

The role of Chief Employee Experience Officer combines traditional HR functions of recruiting and talent development with marketing, real estate, facilities, social responsibility, and communications.

Levy told Forbes: “We are focused on bringing to life our mission of creating a world where you can belong anywhere by creating memorable workplace experiences.”

When asked what “workplace experience” meant, he said: “At Airbnb we are focused on bringing to life our mission of creating a world where you can #belonganywhere, by creating memorable workplace experiences which span all aspects of how we relate to employees, including how we recruit them, develop them, the work environment we create with them, the type of volunteer experiences we offer them, and the food we share together.

“While these may sound like common sense, they are not. For example, our Airbnb space has moved from open space floor plan to a ‘belong anywhere working environment,’ where an employee can work from any number of workspaces, including what we call the kitchen counter, the dining room table, or the living room.

“This allows employees to either work alone or congregate with the folks they are working with to create the sense of belonging, rather than working from a closed-in cube, office, or dedicated desk. The engagement scores show the impact of the Airbnb culture, with 90% of Airbnb employees recommending Airbnb as a great place to work!”

Levy has previously worked for Levi Strauss & Co, Gap, and Best Buy.